First of all, it is clear to you that visiting Barcelona with little money is complicated. It is an expensive city for both tourism and living. Maybe even more than Madrid. In some areas there is also tourism although it is true that the city council tries to solve this issue.

As a presentation I want to say that Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city which welcomes people with open arms, specially Barcelonaescorts. It may finally be just a city of passage for most people but it welcomes you warmly and as we leave it we all keep good memories.

How to arrive in Barcelona

There are many options to get to Barcelona. Plane, bus, train and your own transport. In this post we will focus on the plane and explain how to get around the city and get to the airport. Barcelona has a very large airport where most airlines operate. It is the Prat de Llobregat Airport. There are two other airports, Girona and Reus. We do not recommend them in any case because they are more than an hour from the city.

If you can only fly to one of these last two from your city, keep in mind that you will have a cost of about 20€, which costs the bus (round trip) to get to Barcelona. There are quite a few hours but it never takes less than an hour and a half.

Transport in Barcelona

We go to what is interesting, once in the airport of El Prat you have several ways to get to the center of Barcelona. The most practical way is to take the R2 line from Rodalies (Renfe) to Sants station. This train leaves terminal 2 at the airport. If you arrive at T1 you have the option of taking a free shuttle bus to just where you take the train.

There you must buy a T10 ticket. It costs you €9.25 (September 2017) and entitles you to 10 journeys on all transport services in Barcelona. Perfect if you’re going to be here for a few days, right? If you arrive at night and there is no longer a train, all you have to do is pay (and go by aerobus or taxi) or take the legendary bus 46.

Unmissable places in Barcelona

  • The Sagrada Familia is impressive from the outside and it’s free for you to see it and have your picture taken. Even so, from my point of view, it is worth visiting it from the inside with an audio guide. If you only want to pay for one ticket, I’d definitely pay for the ticket. It’s one of the places you’ll always remember.

  • The Güell Park was free of charge but since 2014 you have to pay to enter. It’s a quiet and very nice place. There is an area (of public park) that you can still visit by taking a walk for free. The payment area is the part where the best buildings are located, including the Casa Museo Gaudí, which are the best part of the park.

  • Casa Batlló is not expensive but very expensive. It’s very nice inside but from my point of view it’s totally overrated. It seems to us that almost 25€ for this visit is too much to be there as canned sardines (although the entrance is restricted). So you know, if you want to go scratch your pocket.