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An erotic massage will make you feel better

Massages are a way of pampering your partner, with this moment you will make her feel important and loved, that you are taking care of her needs and that you want her or him to relax and enjoy a good gift at this holiday season. The key is in the contact of the couple’s body to body, making special and careful care in the erogenous zones of him or her. The aim is to awaken the senses by means of an ideal preamble for sexual intercourse, increasing hormonal levels that incite excitement as well as other sexual games.

But the massage represents a closer and more extreme intimacy, it is affectionate, long-lasting, sensual, passionate! Being traveled by your partner without getting to sex immediately, opens the mind to a spectacular form of unparalleled seduction that imposes ecstasy and then conclude in a sexual relationship full of excitement, emotion and anxiety! An erotic massage Barcelona with Masajesshivabarcelona allows your partner with pleasurable caresses that give them a feeling of wellbeing.

Effects of erotic massage

It increases the couple’s desire to have sex and stimulates erogenous zones ideal for later conceiving, one orgasm or several. It provides creativity to sexual intercourse: To avoid monotony and load the relationship with romantic ideas that augur well for good sex. People state that it also improves blood supply to the massaged area: This helps make the skin and other parts of the body more receptive to stimuli.

There is no secret that a massage relaxes and allows you to put aside problems and stress to live an exciting intimate moment. Undoubtedly, it prepares and excites the couple for a sexual encounter, as massage is a prolonged stimulus.

The most erotic areas

  • Chest: Between the neck and the belly are located the most sensitive areas of the body: around the collarbone, the sides, in the lower belly… Therefore this area is very receptive to caresses. Circular movements are used throughout the area. The mouth is key to this massage.

  • Head: The caresses stimulate the energy center behind the forehead. Tensions decrease and a feeling of well-being begins. How to do it: with your fingers you make a smooth run from the nose to the scalp. The intensity should be varied. Don’t forget the ears, a very sensitive and very erotic area.

  • Arms and feet: They harbor numerous erogenous zones, above all fingers and forearms. They are a particularly sensitive part of the body. With upward movements touching the arms and feet, which are full of nerve endings, focus on the palm. Knuckles and tongue, great tools.

  • Back: In this area is where most tension builds up. With enveloping motions, alternating hands, elbows, forearm, mouth and hair, activate your partner’s sensitivity. Start by sliding your hands all the way down your back to your buttocks. Do not forget to go through the armpits and shoulders.