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Enjoy your holidays to the fullest with an erotic massage

Do you want to surprise your partner with an evening for two? Turn your cell phone off and focus on what’s important. The world will keep turning on itself and around the sun while you spend time with your girl. If you want to move from food and go directly to dessert, go to a specialty store where you will find all kinds of sex toys to put into practice all your amatory arts. First of all, how about a good erotic massage? In this way you will encourage contact between the two bodies without words being needed. We talk about another type of communication between the couple that consists of giving physical pleasure, helping the other person to relax, while stimulating the flow of energy between both.

It is important to create the right environment for this before entering into matter. A quiet place, without noise and distractions is a good option. The final outcome will largely depend on this. So, how about a little background music? Opt for a music that encourages relaxation: chill out or something oriental.

How to maximize an erotic massage

You can also use a dim light or cover the lamp with a scarf or cloth and perfume the room. In erotic shops they have perfumed candles or incense sticks. They are just one example of the great variety of products that you will have at your disposal. What you can’t miss is a massage oil. You can choose from a wide and varied range. They are available with aromas, with a cold and hot effect, etc.

The important thing is already done, now it is time to let go and give yourself completely in the massage, leaving aside the worries. If you are a nervous person, don’t worry, we recommend the following tips:

  • Start from the back. This is an area of the body with which we are generally quite comfortable.
  • Apply a generous amount of oil so that the hands slide all over the body, massaging from bottom to top to promote circulation.
  • Massage the pubic area, caressing it slowly. At this point the rules are dictated by the couple themselves.

Live the pleasure as a couple

In massages for couples, the main thing is to generate a lot of sensuality and eroticism, in a very elegant and subtle way, but at the same time intense (depending also on the massage you choose), as well as encourage creativity between both, complicity and encourage you to use your whole body to surprise your partner.

The usual thing is to start with glasses of champagne and chocolates while chatting with your masseuse and clarify your doubts and preferences to get a personalized massage according to your tastes as much as possible.