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Popular destinations to get a nude massage

Cheap sex apart, transport is a singular element in Cambodia and its capital. As in almost all Southeast Asian countries, I use the tuk-tuk, a kind of motorbike adapted to passenger transport. You always have to haggle because when they see you look like a guiri they can ask for anything. The usual is one dollar for a short urban route and two if it is longer.

As I have thought of visiting the ruins of a temple and a kind of zoo and shelter for endangered animals, which are about 50 kilometers away, I’m trading a full day rate and it’s not difficult to get it for 30 dollars, about 25 euros, although you may want to invest that amount on a relaxing nude massage. It is the best way to get around because the traffic is chaotic, as in the whole third world, the signals are not respected and always has priority the largest vehicle.


In Cambodia, as in almost all third world countries, driving is not really recommended. Of course, renting a car without a driver is crazy, because it costs you more than travelling in a taxi and you end up with a nervous breakdown in the face of the bullshit that is committed on the roads. Precisely on this trip I will be witnessing something that I still had not seen. Anyway, their masseuses are really efficient, and they may perform totally nude.

In view of my impotence when driving, the people closest to me, who fully understand what I mean by my gestures pointing to the child, limit themselves, at best, to smiling, although the majority do not pay any attention.


Tourism is taking a torrid turn for the worse in Laos, and this once isolated country has a host of rivals stretching between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Although none of these countries are contending exactly for the dubious title of capital of sex tourism, they are all discovering opportunities in their own way, now that Thailand’s government is cracking down on a world-famous sex industry. Tempted by the economic promise of tourism, but lacking the resources to prevent sex trafficking and other abuses, many of these countries find themselves in difficult terrain, experts say. Myanmar, for example, has recently denied entry to several child sex offenders, but many others manage to enter easily.

For some sex offenders, discovering new destinations and unsuspecting villagers is part of their appeal,”says Karen Flanagan, who manages Save the Children’s child protection unit. Of course, you only have to spend a few minutes in the most sordid corners of the Internet to check that the sector registers new territories. “Burma is the new flavor of the month,” writes a man who calls himself Alexander. “Everyone seems to want a piece of the[new] cake,” Pak2F agrees. “I think the women of Laos are great!” says Sam.