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The best destinations to enjoy a trip

Are you already thinking about next year’s vacation? Do you need ideas? Advice? We’ll go forward and bring you the best destinations for your next vacation, so you can plan ahead and get better prices. We have consulted some of the biggest travel experts to recommend those countries, regions and cities that they think you should visit next year… Sometimes you need to get rid of your favourite pleasures and get to know new places.

    • Boston: I recommend visiting Boston, one of the most fascinating cities in the United States. The historic load of the capital of Massachusetts is present at every step of the journey: from the Common Park, the nation’s premier public park, to its metro, the first one built in America, through two of the world’s most prestigious universities, Harvard and Cambridge. Whale watching in one of the world’s most important wild marine areas or the aquarium, with an impressive central tank, will leave no one indifferent and delight the youngest members of the house. For their part, food lovers will enjoy the freshest products from the Atlantic, from lobsters to oysters, with 12 local varieties of the latter.

    • Japan: In 2017 I recommend to travel Japan because it is a destination that can be lived in infinite ways. To experience its millenary culture by strolling through the streets of Gion in Kyoto, or to be silent about the beauty of an ancient temple, to be dazzled by Tokyo’s modernity, the rebirth of Hiroshima or the nature of Hida. And of course, of course, of savoring its gastronomy and discovering that it is much more than sushi.

  • Canada: The Canadian west coast for being the perfect place for nature lovers. Explore Vancouver Island and get to the town of Tofino, where you can spot whales and seals from a zodiac. Rent a car and take the route to Calgary. It’s a delight to drive through the rocky mountains and find yourself among turquoise lakes and glaciers at the top of the mountains. And keep your eyes peeled, because when you walk into Jasper and Banff National Parks at any time you can meet a bear. At that instant you will be speechless, but it will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

  • Bulgaria: Are there still virgin corners in Europe? There is a territory in the Balkan peninsula where mountainous landscapes, white sandy beaches and picturesque villages with charm intermingle to offer one of the most attractive routes that has shown us and is an essential destination for this 2017, still authentic and far away from mass tourism. Bulgaria gathers among its borders real treasures like the most important tombs of the world, insurmountable fortresses, spiritual monasteries or cities making impossible balances on cliffs… And why not? a beach destination on its Black Sea coast for families or couples.